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When you hire our team, we ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable in our presence. What's more: You don't have to do ANYTHING - let us take care of it. We pride ourselves on friendly service and quality work and only use premium products.
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Hi, my name is Shane, and thanks for taking the time to have a look at our website.

I have been painting for 35 years. I completed my apprenticeship in Sydney.

We started Corner Painting in Launceston over 15 years ago.

My wife Irene takes care of all the scheduling of jobs and office work, and when you call us you will either reach myself or Irene with a friendly voice, who is ready to help.

Fabian is our 19-year old son, who is in his second year apprenticeship.

Gemma our 15-year old dog is my little trusty companion when I’m doing quotes, and she just loves coming along in the van with me. Akiya is 2 and she is keeping Gemma company on my rounds.

We pride ourselves on friendly service and quality work. I only use Dulux premium products.

Our workers are full-time, they include Jamie, Matty and Fabian. They are trustworthy, reliable and well-mannered young men.

The Corner Painting team is fully insured. When you use Corner Painting, we make sure you feel relaxed and comfortable. We also make sure that you don’t have to do anything – let us take care of it.

We supply the material, the labour, we clean up after ourselves, no rubbish, we place your curtains back, your furniture, we put your pictures back on the walls, pot plants, outdoor furniture and office furniture, etc.

We place everything back except the old paint!

Kind regards,
Shane and Irene

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